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Hello and welcome to Lifestyle Properties Mallorca blog, helping clients all over the world for 30+ years.

Our blog is here to help you understand how Mallorca is a blend of old traditions, modern fun, and stunning views that make life here really special. Whether you're thinking about buying a dream home on the island or you're just curious about what makes an amazing lifstyle in Mallorca, come with us as we explore.

We're not just a company that sells nice houses here – we're also here to show you how to enjoy the awesome Mallorca lifestyle that mixes luxury living with the island's amazing nature.

In our articles, we'll talk about what makes a lifestyle in Mallorca great. We'll tell you about places to visit, the fun events happening here, and the latest news about homes that match your lifestyle. Let's discover together how you can enjoy the fantastic way of life in Mallorcac– a life that mixes living with the relaxed feel of island life. Get ready to start your journey into the world of Mallorca lifestyle with us!

Real Estate Mallorca Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes When Buying Property in Mallorca Investing in a new home in Mallorca can be an exciting, but also challenging proposition. Getting the chance to realise your ambition of owning a property in a sunny climate…

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How to sell a property in Mallorca

When it comes to selling a property in Mallorca, it is a good idea to understand the process and the documents required to get your property on the market in Majorca.    1- Choosing A Real Estate Agent.  The appointed…

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Location v Property - which should you choose?

When buying property in Mallorca, prices can vary greatly depending on the location and type of property, meaning you might not always be able to find the right home for you in the right place to fit your budget. So how do…

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Understanding the Plusvalia Tax

Mallorca, being part of Spain, adheres to Spanish tax regulations. When it comes to Plusvalia tax on the sale of property, the rules can be intricate and depend on whether you are a resident or non-resident. If you sell,…

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